Pick of the 2016 Adelaide Wine Show- Mixed Dozen


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Wine Lovers’ Club very much values our national wine shows that showcase fine wines from wineries big and small. Our ‘Pick of the Adelaide Wine Show’ dozens contain a range of medal winning wines from across the country. You can select from our red, white or mixed dozens- there are wines from a variety of areas and all have won medals and possibly a Trophy at the 2016 Adelaide Wine Show. Many of the other capital city wine shows have already been judged so it is quite likely that some of the wines included may also have awards from one or more of these other competitions.

We have just finalised the selection and they are listed below. 

Juniper Crossing Chardonnay            2016                Gold, Class 1, 18.5                                  

De Bortoli La Boheme Riesling           2016               Gold, Class 5, 18.5                              

Lannister Riesling                               2015               Gold, Trophy Class 6, 18.7                  

Zontes Footstep Sauvignon Blanc       2016             Gold, Trophy Class 11, 18.8                

Lost Buoy Gulf View Sauv Blanc         2016              Gold Class 11, 18.7                             

Devils Corner Pinot Grigio                  2016               Gold, Trophy Class 13, 18.8  


De Bortoli La Boheme Cab Sauv        2015                Gold, Class 24, 18.7                            

Berrigan Syrah                                    2015                Gold, Class 29 18.7                            

Beresford Classic Shiraz                    2014                Gold, Class 30, 18.5                            

Four Sisters Merlot                             2014                Gold, Class 39, 18.5                             

Brown Brothers 1889 Tempranillo     2015                Gold, Class 40, 18.5                           

Sons of Eden Kennedy GSM            2014                Gold, Class 49, 18.5    


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