Adelaide Wine Show – Gold medal winning wines by the dozen….



Dear Wine Lover,

Hopefully the Christmas and New Year break was relaxing and you had the chance to taste some of the last batch of Adelaide Wine Show winners over the period.

We were very happy with the selection and have had a few top up orders already so we are now able to offer most of the  wine show wines by the full dozen.

Please note that the specified vintage is currently available in our warehouse, but vintage rollovers may need to occur on some of the wines towards the end of the promotion.

Please check the order form overleaf for more details.

Juniper Crossing Chardonnay 2016   Gold, Class 1, 18.5

De Bortoli La Boheme Riesling 2016 Top Gold, Class 5, 18.5

Lannister Clare Valley Riesling 2015 Gold, Trophy Class 6, 18.7

Zontes Footstep Sauvignon Blanc 2016 Gold, Trophy Class 11, 18.8

Lost Buoy Gulf View Sauv Blanc 2016 Gold, Class 11, 18.7

Devils Corner Pinot Grigio 2016 Gold, Trophy Class 13, 18.8

De Bortoli La Boheme Cab Sauv 2015 Top Gold, Class 24, 18.7

Berrigan Syrah 2015 Gold, Class 29, 18.7

Beresford Classic Shiraz 2014 Gold, Class 30, 18.5

Four Sisters Merlot 2014 Top Gold, Class 39, 18.5 (SOLD OUT)

Brown Brothers 1889 Tempranillo 2015 Gold, Class 40, 18.7

Sons of Eden Kennedy GSM 2014 Gold, Class 49, 18.5

Pictured: Pick of the Adelaide Wine Show Mixed Dozen 2016.

Full RRP of these wines is $265—our price is: Mixed: $225, All Whites: $215, All Reds: $235

  We have recently upgraded the website so while it is very much a work in progress, we will be adding many more lines to it over the coming months. If you haven’t already done so, please submit your email details at your earliest convenience at as we would like to be able to keep you up to date (without bombarding your inbox on a daily basis!)

We accept all major credit cards as well as Paypal and we will still be mailing a printed copy of our newsletter as usual for our regular clients who do not have internet access.

If you would like to taste some of the other wines that we have tried and enjoyed recently, there are some packed cases of the ever popular Rats and Mice mixed dozens packed and ready to go:

Mixed: $140, All Whites: $130 and All Reds: $150 per dozen.

We also have a few more cases of the Prestige Wine 6packs  which include a bottle of each of the following wines

 Harmulist SA Cab Sauv 2014, Harmulist SA Shiraz 2014, Harmulist Coonawarra Cab Sauv, Harmulist SA Riesling 2015, Viking Grand Barossa Shiraz 2014 and Viking Odins Honour Shiraz 2010. … all Gold or Trophy winners at the 2016 China Wine and Spirits International Competition for only $99 (6pk)

And finally, it would be much appreciated if you could please get your orders in by the 20th March, as I will be away for the first 2 weeks of April and will be out of email or phone contact for much of this time.

Any internet or mail orders can still be placed, but deliveries will not resume till after the Easter break.

Happy drinking!

Phil Buxton, February 2017


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